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Baptism: Belonging and Believing

Baptism is a special ceremony that dates back to the beginning of Christianity and is a sign of membership of, and commitment to, the Church. A baptism service will normally take place during our morning worship, but it can be a special service in the afternoon if family circumstances make this appropriate.

When young children are baptised they are not old enough to make decisions of faith for themselves. They are baptised on the understanding that their parents have come to know the love of Jesus for themselves and are now also teaching their children to receive that love. In the service the parents make solemn promises to God and the congregation about their own faith and promise to train their child in public worship (coming to Church) and in private prayer through their own example and commitment. Baptism of a child is a big step in the life of a family. To help you fully appreciate the occasion we ask parents to become part of the Church family themselves and to attend preparation.


Instead of Baptism, or ahead of it, some parents like to give thanks for the birth of their child The Thanksgiving Service, which takes place during our morning worship, is an opportunity to bring your child to Church to give thanks to God for, and ask His blessings on, him/her, as well as asking for His help and guidance for you as parents. Unlike Baptism, this service does not require any promises or statements of belief from you. We encourage parents to invite prospective god-parents to join them for this special occasion if they wish.





St. Cedd's Sunday Services - 10:30 am

1st Sunday: Family Worship

2nd Sunday: Holy Communion

3rd Sunday: Morning Worship

4th Sunday: Holy Communion

5th Sunday: Evening Praise and Celebration#

# 6.30pm. No morning service on this Sunday of the month

St. Mary's Sunday Services - 11:15 am

1st Sunday: Holy Communion*

2nd Sunday: Morning Prayer

3rd Sunday: Holy Communion

4th Sunday: Family Worship

5th Sunday: Parish Family Communion

* 6:30 pm (4 pm during Winter month). No morning service on this Sunday of the month