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St. Cedd's Services

Sunday morning services at St Cedd's start at 10.30am

The type of service varies according to the week of the month:

A midweek service is held every Wednesday at 9.30am and a Prayer Service at 10.30am on Fridays.

Occasionally services are held at Stifford Clays School in place of our normal Sunday worship. Please see the parish news page for details.

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St. Cedd's Sunday Services - 10:30 am

1st Sunday: Family Worship

2nd Sunday: Holy Communion

3rd Sunday: Morning Worship

4th Sunday: Holy Communion

5th Sunday: Evening Praise and Celebration#

# 6.30pm. No morning service on this Sunday of the month

St. Mary's Sunday Services - 11:15 am

1st Sunday: Holy Communion*

2nd Sunday: Morning Prayer

3rd Sunday: Holy Communion

4th Sunday: Family Worship

5th Sunday: Parish Family Communion

* 6:30 pm (4 pm during Winter month). No morning service on this Sunday of the month