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St Cedd's Church was built in the 1950s as the Stifford Clays estate was developed. It was originally seen as a "mission church" linked to St Mary's but is now the main focus of activity in the Parish. Click here for a brief history of the church and its early development.

The adjoining Parish Hall provides additional facilities which are used by a wide range of Church groups. The worship and activities at St Cedd's cater for all ages, but there is a particular emphasis on providing facilities for children and families, including Springboard which meets every Sunday morning.

You will receive a very warm welcome at all the Church services and other activities linked to St Cedd's Church. Our Sunday morning worship begins at 10.30am each week (with the exception of the fifth Sunday of the month).

There is a mid-week service on Wednesday at 9.30am and a prayer service at 10.30am on Fridays.

St. Cedd's Sunday Services - 10:30 am

1st Sunday: Family Worship

2nd Sunday: Holy Communion

3rd Sunday: Morning Worship

4th Sunday: Holy Communion

5th Sunday: Evening Praise and Celebration#

# 6.30pm. No morning service on this Sunday of the month

St. Mary's Sunday Services - 11:15 am

1st Sunday: Holy Communion*

2nd Sunday: Morning Prayer

3rd Sunday: Holy Communion

4th Sunday: Family Worship

5th Sunday: Parish Family Communion

* 6:30 pm (4 pm during Winter month). No morning service on this Sunday of the month